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Diabetes Drug Tied To Weight Loss In Obese Kids

Melatonin May Aid Weight Loss

“Obese children [in the studies] were treated without specific consideration of their insulin status, which likely explains the lackluster results,” Katz said. “I suspect metformin is useful in some, but not all, varieties of obesity.” In contrast, eating well and being active are effective in almost all cases of obesity, Katz said. “It seems clear the best medicine for overweight and obese kids is better use of their feet and forks, not something from a pill bottle,” he said. Dr. William Muinos, associate director of pediatric gastroenterology at Miami Children’s Hospital, said he prescribes metformin only—crucial-data-released-231403591.html for the most obese children who are at risk for type 2 diabetes. “In that subset of children, metformin can be very helpful in improving insulin resistance caused by increased body fat,” said Muinos, who also runs the hospital’s obesity clinic. Metformin causes modest weight loss by lowering the amount of insulin the body produces and improving insulin resistance, Muinos said.
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Teens whose parents harped about weight gain

Taking in light during the daylight hours — especially sunlight — can strengthen circadian rhythms and help to avoid melatonin deficiency. Take some time to walk outside in the morning, or make sure you’re working in proximity to a window in order to provide your body with some exposure to sunlight. Exercise regularly. Physical activity is another way to strengthen healthy circadian function and improve sleep . It’s also a critical aspect of long-term weight control. Schedule your exercise no closer than 3 hours before bedtime, so that the garcinia cambogia exertion doesn’t interfere with sleep. If you can exercise outdoors in the daylight, even better.
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